Daily viewing times increase across Europe

Average TV viewing times increased across all of the big five European territories last year, with the exception of the UK where the number remained the same.

Using its own data and that from Ofcom and EAO, Informa Telecoms & Media collated the average number of minutes individuals spent watching TV per day. The average viewing time was highest in Italy at 253 minutes, which compared with 246 minutes in 2010 and 238 in 2009. Viewers in the UK watched the second highest number of minutes per day of TV at 242 minutes, the same level as in 2010 but significantly ahead of the 2009 total of 225 minutes.

Spanish viewers watched an average of 239 minutes of TV a day last year, compared with 234 minutes a year earlier and 226 minutes a year before that. In France the daily average viewing times were 227, 212 and 205 minutes for 2011, 2010 and 2009 respectively. In Germany the daily totals across the same timescale were 225 minutes, 223 minutes and 212 minutes.

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