Yahoo! unveils new release of IntoNow TV app

Yahoo! has revamped its IntoNow app for TV discovery with the introduction of new features.

The new release of the IntoNow app, IntoNow 3.0. uses SoundPrint fingerprinting technology to identify live or library TV content. The release is initially for iOS devices, with an Android version to follow in a few months.

Yahoo! has introduced three new features. TV Sync allows users to identify the most relevant content that people are watching, including personalities, sports information or trivia, as it’s being aired on TV, while Music Sync identifies songs being broadcast during a show, enabling users to purchase the track or click to view a video on YouTube. CapIt enabled the capture and captioning of stills or breaking news stories on iOS devices, and allows users to synchronise and deliver still images of the programme to friends or contacts via Facebook, Twitter or IntoNow. Finally, Group Chat allows users to initiate conversations with friends via the IntoNow app.

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