Ono hoping TiVo will prevent pay TV decline

Ono had attracted 34,000 TiVo customers by the end of June, eight months after the Spanish cable operator launched its next-generation platform.

Ono’s TiVo service launched in Barcelona and Madrid last October and is now available to 92% of its network. The operator said the platform should help it to increase its pay TV subscriber base and increase revenues in the coming quarters.

Announcing its second quarter results, Ono said it had 897,000 residential TV customers at the end of June, compared with 952,000 a year earlier. Internet customers increased to 1.422 million from 1.414 million. The operator ended the second quarter with 1.9 million RGUs that took 4.4 million services.

Revenues for the second quarter were up 5.7% year-on-year to €389 million.

Tags: ONO, Spain

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