Al Jazeera signs satellite deal with Es’hailSat

Middle Eastern broadcaster Al Jazeera is partnering with Qatari satellite company Es’hailSat that will see the latter providing various satellite solutions.

Es’hailSat will offer satellite capacity and develop orbital positions and ground services to support future expansion for Al Jazeera. Es’hailSat’s first satellite, Es’hail 1 is under construction and future satellite launches are planned.

Sheikh Ahmed Bin Jassim Al Thani, director general of Aljazeera Media Network, said: “Al Jazeera was established in 1996 as an independent broadcaster located in the heart of the Middle East with over 70 news bureaus worldwide. Our channel covers regions and events across the world managed from our facilities in Doha.  It is a major step forward that Qatar now also has its own satellite operator and we look forward to working closely with Es’hailSat in the future”.

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