Stream TV Networks moves forwards with glasses-free 3D

Technology company Stream TV Networks has struck a deal with manufacturer Pegatron to creat a 42-inch glasses-free 3D TV based on its Ultra-D technology.

Stream said it also planned to announce a partnership with a major TV manufacturer at IFA in Berlin later this year. Stream says that its Ultra-D technology combines an optical system on a panel and a software and hardware layer to convert high-definition images into a format suitable for glasses-free 3D TVs, which removes the distorted images produced by multiple viewing angles. The company claims to have the first glasses-free technology that lets a viewer move from side to side without any loss of picture quality.

Stream TV plans to showcase its autostereoscopic 3D technology in sports bars in New York, London, Chicago, and Los Angeles over the summer, with partners also displaying its TVs in cities including Edinburgh, Prague, Berlin, Paris, Philadelphia, Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai.

Pegatron or Unihan provides equipment to consumer electronics companies including Apple, Lenovo, HP, Asus and Toshiba.

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