CNN takes top spot in Africa

CNN is the most-watched international news channel in Africa, according to the latest EMS Africa survey.

The broadcaster’s monthly reach across all platforms, including TV, online and mobile devices, stood at 70.3%. It was followed by BBC World news with a 55.4% reach and Al Jazeera with a 46.7% reach. At 51.6%, CNN’s weekly TV reach also beat BBC World News (37.7%) and Al Jazeera English (30.5%).

“To reach almost a third of EMS respondents every day, far eclipsing all our rivals is an achievement we’re proud of. For CNN to grow its audience in an increasingly crowded marketplace puts a tangible marker of appreciation on our journalism. The reach of our brand in Africa has never been stronger and we thank our viewers for their loyalty,” said Tony Maddox, executive vice-president of CNN International.

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