LG to use Smartclip for Smart TV ads

LG Electronics has chosen video advertising specialist Smartclip to monetise all ad inventory on its LG Smart TV Platform in Europe, Russia and Australia.

Smartclip said its agreement with LG Electronics will give advertisers access to the entire ad inventory on the LG Smart TV Platform, ranging from pre-roll and banner ads to unique and interactive ad formats. German fashion company New Yorker will be the first advertiser to run a campaign across the LG platform.

Young-jae Seo, vice-president of the service business division of LG Electronics’ Smart Business Center said: “By forming a partnership with smartclip, the top global platform for multi-screen brand advertising, LG has secured an entrance to the European, Russian and Australian advertising markets. Content developers and content service providers will be able to focus on top quality content provision based on this tangible profit-making business model and advertisers will also have great opportunities utilising this effective marketing tool for global TV advertising campaigns.”

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