YouTube to launch thematic channels in France

YouTube plans to launch 13 new online video channels in France in October, according to French press reports.

According to Le Figaro, the Google-owned video site is in the process of finalising deals with a number of different producers, including Endemol and France’s Kabo and new players Capa and Troisième OEil. It is also in the process of signing up web sites with content assets including Au and is has approached actor and comedian Jean Dujardin about developing a comedy project, according to the paper

The new channels will be based on thematic lines including health, culture and family. Production partners will receive funding averaging between €500,000 to €1 million for projects comprising 20 hours over a year, according to Le Figaro. If advertising receipts exceed the production budget, these will be shared between YouTube and the producer. YouTube will have exclusive distribution rights to the content produced for a specific period to be agreed between the partners.

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