On-demand and connected TV share of market to grow

On-demand services will account for 12% of the global video market by 2020, up from 3% today, while connected TV will account for 63% of the new over-the-top services market, according to a report by IDATE.

According to the Next Gen TV 2020 report, PC viewing will take a back seat to connected TVs in 2019.

IDATE predicts that the global TV services market will amount to €355 billion by 2020, up from €233 billion in 2011, representing an annual growth rate of 4.7%. The share of the market held by the top five European countries, Japan and the US will fall from 80% today to 60% by 2020, according to IDATE. The research group predicts that the Italian and Spanish markets will have more room for growth than the French and UK markets, while the structure of Germany’s cable market will continue to hinder the development of a national TV market.

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