M6 adds social TV services for channels

French commercial broadcaster M6 is launching second-screen and social TV enhancements to its Replay service for the M6 and W9 channels.

M6 has launched Devant ma TV, a service that makes complementary content available on second screen devices synchronised with the linear broadcast of programmes on the two channels. Examples of content and applications made available include recipes of meals being prepared onscreen to accompany the airing of Top Chef and the ability to vote and comment on the performance of turns on La France a un Incroyable Talent.

M6 has also launched social TV functionality, enabling viewers to share what they are watching via Facebook and discover which shows are being watched by friends.

The broadcaster has begun deploying the new service on its website and has updated the M6 and W9 apps for iOS devices, with Android, Xbox and IPTV updates to follow.

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