Hispasat tests service compatible MVC 3D with Jedi

Spanish satellite operator Hispasat has carried out the world’s first demonstration of the Jedi TV channel in 3D using the MVC (Multiview Video Coding) format. This second-generation 3D format makes it possible to transmit the same content in HD and 3D using the same signal.

Current 3D broadcasting uses the frame compatible system that requires the resolution of left and right views to be reduced and placed side by side, or top and bottom, in order to simulate a normal HD image. The specification of this transmission mode was approved by the DVB in February 2011.

The JEDI consortium has been broadcasting a free-to-air 3D channel since March last year via the Hispasat 1E satellite. It has now used the channel to broadcast service compatible 3D video for the first time. The test included live recording using 3D cameras, encoding and decoding (both for contribution and distribution), satellite transmission and TV reception.

Tags: Hispasat, Jedi

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