Rightster launches studio for online programming and channels

Online video distribution specialist Rightster has launched its own studio to finance online programming and channels.

Rightster Studios is designed to enable producers from independent viral video creators to large traditional production houses and news organisations to create online video programming, according to the company, which already has a partnership agreement with YouTube.

Rightster Studios will initially launch with facilities in London, with a presence in New York, and subsequently Singapore and Los Angeles, to follow.

The unit will begin work with programme makers and producers on an invitation basis this summer and open applications up more widely in October. Existing content partners include Viral Spiral Group and ITN Productions.

“There has been a huge surge in the growth of original programming online, but traditionally financing of new shows has been done by linear channels, such as TV or radio networks, that have loyal audiences, which means they are able to accurately forecast future revenues,” said Charlie Muirhead, founder and CEO at Rightster. “These linear channels don’t exist online, meaning it can be very hard to forecast the interest, audience, and therefore the revenues for a new show. The lack of financial support and the risk involved to date has created a bottleneck, preventing new talent and original programming from reaching its audience online, which is why we have launched Rightster Studios.”

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