‘n’ looks to increase VOD use, monetise DVR

Polish pay TV operator ‘n’ needs to find ways to increase video-on-demand use and is also mulling ways to monetise its penetration of DVR-enabled set-tops, according to Jan Frelek, head of business development at ITI Neovision, the company that operates the platform.

Speaking at the Digital TV CEE event in Prague last week, Frelek said that only 12% of ‘n’’s TV customers with access to VOD used it once a week or more, compared with 22% using the VOD service on the internet and 42% of those with DVRs using that device once a week or more.  He said that about 88% of customers that took both pay TV and online services  were aware of what VOD meant, but only 32% of pay TV-only customers knew what it was.

About 47% of ‘n’ customers have access to VOD, with about 12% taking up subscription VOD and 2% using transactional VOD service.

Frelek said there were a number of ways in which the company could possibly monetise its high level – 61% – of DVR penetration. These included selling premium recording capacity and network DVR services, remote scheduling and predictive recording.

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