Alcatel-Lucent enables cloud-based DVR for Swisscom

Alcatel-Lucent is enabling cloud-based digital video recording for Swisscom’s TV customers.

Alcatel-Lucent is enabling Swisscom subscribers to record and store programmes in the cloud for viewing across multiple devices. The company said the new service would also reduce costs for Swisscom by reducing bandwidth bottlenecks and eliminating repair-prone hard-drives found in traditional set top boxes.

Bruno Haug, head of TV development at Swisscom said: “We are pleased to continue our tradition of innovation and offering best-in-class customer service by being the first operator in Switzerland to offer our customers the possibility to watch their recordings on any connected screen. As part of the increasing demand for multiscreen services around the world, our customers want to record as much video as possible and access it not just on their television sets but also on other devices such as smart phones, tablets and PCs.”

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