Ono updates TiVo service

Spanish cable operator Ono has announced the first major software upgrade for its TiVo next generation service.

New software features include an upgrade from two to three tuners, and an enhanced video-on-demand offering that integrates assets from ONO’s Videoclub library into its search feature. Users will also be able to go back in time in the TV guide to view programmes that have already aired.

The TiVo platform is now available across Ono’s entire network of six million homes passed following phased launches in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Guillermo Mercader, chief operating officer of residential for ONO, said, “TiVo has changed the way ONO customers think of television; they have fully embraced this new world of on demand and internet-delivered content and we are thrilled to work with TiVo to keep this solution on the cutting edge.  ONO is thrilled to see the positive impact that TiVo is having on customer satisfaction, clearly enabling ONO to provide the most compelling TV offering in Spain.”

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