Pilat Media and SimpleStream create new OTT company

Broadcast management software provider Pilat Media and streaming solutions provider SimpleStream have joined forces to launch OTTilus, a new company specialising in over-the-top video solutions for broadcasters, platform operators and new media ventures.

OTTilus will be a jointly owned company with Pilat Media owning 60% and SimpleStream owning the remainder. For an initial period of five years and subject to some exclusions, OTTilus will be the parties’ exclusive vehicle for delivering OTT solutions to TV broadcasters and operators.

“With OTTilus, we will combine our 14 years of broadcast management expertise and global presence with the existing technology and talent pool that SimpleStream brings to the joint venture to focus on the emerging OTT market,” said Avi Engel, CEO of Pilat Media.

SimpleStream’s OTT platform currently has 14 users in the UK, including TV channels the Food Network, At the Races and Ideal Shopping. Pilat Media is involved with several OTT-related projects in which its Integrated Broadcast Management System’s (IBMS) multiplatform rights, content, and media management capabilities are used as part of wider multivendor solutions.

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