CNN takes English language lead in the Middle East

International news broadcaster CNN is the most-watched English language international channel in the Middle East, according to the latest EMS Middle East survey.

The Turner Broadcasting System channel has a monthly reach of 33.4% in the region, more than double that of Al Jazeera English, its nearest English language competitor with a 15.5% reach. Discovery has a monthly reach of 13.1%, while BBC World News has a reach of 13%.

CNN is also the number one cross platform international commercial network, reaching 41.5% per month of the EMS Middle East population when combining TV and online.

Tony Maddox, executive vice-president at CNN International, said: “To achieve double the reach of the nearest competitor in the Middle East puts CNN in a league of its own, and we thank our viewers for their loyalty. Certain players in this region may feel they have a head start on CNN, but audiences across the Middle East are making it crystal clear that first-rate journalism is what matters. Audiences here not only trust us to follow the extraordinary stories unfolding on their doorsteps, but also to deliver them a true account of the news from every corner of the world. We’ve made a great commitment to our newsgathering, both in the Middle East and internationally, and these results show – in no uncertain terms – the value of that investment.”

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