Kit Digital and Civolution launch social TV solution

Cloud based TV software company Kit Digital and content identification technology provider Civolution have jointly developed a solution that brings second-screen interactivity to consumers with non-connected TV sets.

Kit Digital has integrated Civolution’s automatic content recognition technology, SyncNow, into its Cosmos video management software. Cosmos supports live and on-demand video delivery and second screen interactive experiences. Civolution’s digital watermarking and fingerprinting technologies enable real-time synchronisation of a broadcast video stream with an interactive application on a companion device, even in the absence of an internet connected TV, and whether the video content is being watched live or on-demand.

“Second screen applications that actively synch with the content on the main screen deliver better targeted and more timely companion experiences, justifying higher channel advertising spend and consumer subscription fees,” said Laura Kaatz, managing director of global commercial operations at Kit Digital. “Our joint solution opens up a new market for media and entertainment companies, supporting higher ad and subscription revenues without the need for their viewers to invest in new infrastructure. Both Civolution and Kit Digital’s sales teams can sell the solution together, in a teaming model, as we do successfully with other partners in our Partner Ecosystem.”