BBC adds Live Restart to iPlayer

Users of the BBC’s online platform iPlayer can now rewind and restart live TV.

The corporation has added a Live Restart function to iPlayer for PCs. Users can now either restart a live programme they are watching or rewind to watch programmes from the previous two hours. The BBC will bring the function to mobiles, tablets and internet-connected TVs later this year.

Live requests made up over 22% of total iPlayer requests on PCs in April, compared with just 4% in April 2011.

Dave Price, head of BBC iPlayer said: “We all know how frustrating it is when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or delayed on the tube, missing the critical start of your favourite BBC programme. Live Restart solves this by giving audiences control. With one simple click of a button viewers can skip back to the beginning of a live programme, ensuring they never miss a moment of their favourite BBC programmes.”

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