Tedial’s Media Amigo cloud chosen by Nordic broadcasters

Asset management specialist Tedial has won a contract to supply its Media Amigo cloud exchange platform for the interchange of content to Scandinavia’s NORDIF3 consortium of broadcasters.

Media Amigo will be hosted by NRK at its site in Oslo, giving the NORDIF3 consortium a full file-based exchange platform for instant uploading, sharing and reviewing of material. The consortium is made up of the region’s five national broadcasters: Norsk Rikskringkasting, Danmarks Radio, Yleisradio, Riksutvarpid and Sveriges Television, from Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden respectively.

The project will allow the consortium to share material across their respective sites. Each broadcaster subscribes to specific content types or relevant media groups; then once video and non-video files become available they are automatically delivered to subscribers.

The installation, in which Tedial is the sole vendor, is being carried out by Norwegian systems integrator Mediateket, a file-based workflow specialist.

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