G20 governments encouraged to do more on broadband

G20 governments need to do more to promote the development of broadband networks, applications and services, according to the Broadband Commission.

The Commission sent an open letter to the G20, urging them to take more action on the development of broadband. “In the Information Society of the 21st century, countries must make the necessary investments to enable their citizens to participate in and benefit from the digital economy and global innovation – or risk exclusion,” the letter said.

Governments need to take action to stimulate broadband deployment by putting in place pro-competitive and pro-investment policies, lowering barriers to entry and making direct investment, where appropriate.

ITU figures show that 2.4 billion people are now using the internet. There are now over one billion mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide, and mobile is set to be the access platform of choice for most people in the developing world, where fixed line penetration remains low. However, well over half the world’s people have yet to access broadband, according to the organisation.

Tags: ITU, Regulation