RGB launches ‘just-in-time’ packaging

RGB Networks (Stand V18) has debuted its newly launched ‘just-in-time’ packaging (JITP) capabilities for the European market at ANGA Cable.

Delivered via its TransAct Packager, its adaptive streaming product, RGB is using ANGA Cable to showcase how it helps operators reduce storage costs and future-proof their on-demand multiscreen deployments.

At ANGA Cable, RGB is demonstrating how its new JITP technology enables operators to deliver adaptive bitrate video-on-demand, network digital video recorder and TV Everywhere services without pre-packaging all their video assets in each of the adaptive streaming protocols.

RGB is also highlighting an adaptive streaming environment for hyper-targeted advertising. RGB’s recent partnership with BlackArrow offers a solution for multiscreen ad insertion and addressability.

“Adaptive bitrate streaming is still evolving and new protocols, such as MPEG DASH, which promise to standardise the environment, are quickly emerging,” said Ramin Farassat, vice president, product marketing and business development for RGB Networks. “As we will demonstrate at ANGA, adaptive streaming techniques, such as just-in-time packaging and file-to-file transcoding, open up new opportunities for the optimisation of video delivery methods for VOD and nDVR environments, resulting in significant cost savings for operators. In addition, adaptive streaming also presents new advertising opportunities for European operators, allowing them to send targeted ads beyond the television.”

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