Samsung beats Apple and Sony as most preferred CE brand

Samsung is the most preferred consumer electronics brand in the US and Europe, beating rivals including Sony and Apple, according to a survey by Strategy Analytics.

According to Strategy Analytics’ ConsumerMetrix Technology Brand Preference Index, which surveyed some 6,000 consumers’ preferred brands for TVs, computers and mobile phones, Samsung had a ‘preference rating’ of 41%, compared with Sony at 29%, HP at 20% and Apple at 19%. The least preferred brands were Lenovo (negative 37%), RIM (negative 28%) and Sanyo (negative 26%).

Strategy Analytics found strong regional and demographic variations, with Apple products being the third most preferred brand in Italy but only eighth in Germany. Apple products were also the second most popular brand with under-20s but only 10th most popular with over 65s.

Samsung’s products on the other hand were popular across all regions, age and income groups.

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