Media Broadcast takes capacity at 19° East

Media services provider Media Broadcast has acquired a transponder on the Astra platform at 19.2° East. Media Broadcast’s first customers for the additional capacity are Juwelo TV and K-TV.

The company has previously operated capacity on Eutelsat at 13° East and dual-feed capacity on Eutelsat 9° East and Astra at 23.5° East.

“Media Broadcast has been one of the leading DVB-S service providers in Europe for years. By extending our agreement to Astra 19.2° East we will continue to provide our customers, especially those in our domestic market, with first-class broadcast services in future. The initial contracts with Juwelo TV and K-TV confirm our strategy and provide the foundation for our platform’s continued growth,” said Ute Haimerl, head of the satellite business unit.

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