German connected TV universe growing fast

There will be some 26.5 million internet-connected display devices sold in the German market this year, according to German consumer electronics trade association the GFU.

According to the Frankfurt-based GFU, the figure for 2012 will comprise 15 million smartphones, 1.4 million tablet PCs, seven million notebook computers and 3.1 million smart TVs. The association said that over four million smart TVs had been sold to date, with over a third of TV screens now shipping equipped with internet capability, including 48% of 42-inch models, 75% of 46-inch screens and 90% of 50-inch devices.

According to the GFU study, some 30% of smart TV users use the devices to watch free-to-view short video clips, while 18% watch movies, 15% each access the on-demand services of TV broadcasters and search for information services, and further 15% use the devices to listen to internet radio stations or other music services.

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