Trendrr to debut social TV analytics in UK 

Social TV analytics company Trendrr is launching its service in the UK. 
Speaking at the Social TV World Summit event in London this morning, CEO and founder of Trendrr Mark Ghunheim said the service would be “a deep real time product” with a dashboard component as well as reporting. The service, already available in the US, tracks social TV usage.

In the UK, Hollyoaks is the top social TV show, while reality TV is the most popular genre. London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow are the top cities for engaging with social TV. Ghunheim also highlighted that 80% of UK Twitter users access the service via mobile devices. “When you look at social activity, the reason the second screen is so popular is that it doesn’t interfere with the TV,” he said.

Social TV has the opportunity to transform TV viewing for end users, broadcasters and advertisers, Ghunheim said.

Social TV started as a trend but is now deeply imbedded into the TV experience, and will develop further he said. “TV was passive until around two years ago, when people could watch TV with their family. People started to get into companion devices, which gave them a persistent relationship with the show. Next will be the perceptive layer, when the TV knows you and what your friends are watching. This is where it gets exciting,” Ghunheim said.

One of the benefits of tracking social TV usage is to understand the popularity of shows when they are off-air, Ghunheim said. It also provides new metrics for advertisers, showing them how many people are engaging with a show, for how long and how often. “You can value media based on this information,” he said.

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