Belgacom sees TV growth, revenue hit by free football offering

Belgacom added 43,000 TV customers in the first quarter, taking its total to 1.254 million.

The Belgian telco sold an additional 54,000 multi-play packs during the quarter, taking the total to 1.143 million. Of its TV base, 196,000 too Belgacom multiple set-top offering, up from 149,000 a year earlier.

Belgacom said that TV, along with mobile data, had helped it to a 1.7% increase in consumer revenue despite being hit by fixed and mobile price erosion. However, Belgacom said that TV revenue growth was limited by its launch of a free football offering, combating competition from Telenet. As a result, while TV revenue grew by 8.6% to €55 million, TV ARPU fell by 9.4% to €17.60.

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