Dailymotion moves into crowd-sourced content creation

France-based online video site Dailymotion has teamed up with online payment specialist Flattr to allow viewers to pay online video creators for their content.

Dailymotion has partnered with Sweden-based Flattr to create what it describes as a global-scale, socially funded video network. Dailymotion with Flattr allows individual viewers to directly pay online video creators for their content, opening new avenues for amateur artists, actors, musicians, podcasters, bloggers and others to generate their own revenue streams and monetise videos.

The partnership is based on the idea of ‘crowd-funded’ revenue for online video. Content providers including Motionmakers – creative users who are supported by Dailymotion to develop and promote their content – can import a Flattr button directly onto their channels and each individual video. Flattr users, who make a monthly donation, click to donate funds directly to the creator.