Tony Orsten returning to the UK after leaving TwoFour54

Tony Orsten is returning to the UK following his departure from Abu Dhabi media hub TwoFour54.

Orsten announced earlier this year that Noura Al Kaabi was taking over as CEO of TwoFour54, but said he was staying on in Abu Dhabi until this month.

Orsten told DTVE’s sister publication TBI that he couldn’t reveal details of his next move yet, but he has set up UK-based Orstenmedia.
A veteran of the UK and international TV business, Orsten’s previous experience includes being head of content at Joost, managing director of entertainment channels at MTV and MD of Paramount in the UK.

In a leaving note to colleagues, issued at the time he announced his departure, Orsten said that Wayne Borg will be staying at TwoFour54 as deputy CEO as will Andy Young, CFO.

Noura Al Kaabi replaces Orsten. She was previously the head of TwoFour54’s Tawasol division. It manages market intelligence, business networking promotion and relocation services at the Abu Dhabi-based operation.
Orsten has taken a seat on the board of TwoFour54.

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