Ziggo posts growth in digital TV and bundled offerings

Three-quarters of Dutch cable operator Ziggo subscriber base now take digital TV and 44.2% take its All-in-1 bundled offering, according to the company’s first-quarter results.

All-in-1 subscribers were up 192,000 or 17.1% year-on-year. Digital TV customers were up by 305,000 or 15.9%.
Internet subscribers grew by 138,000 or 8.7% to 57.9% of the company’s subscriber base.

Ziggo’s total TV customer base fell by 3.4% to 2.981 million thanks to a drop in analogue customers, not all of whom converted to digital. Total revenue-generating units grew by 3.9% to 7.071 million.

Ziggo’s revenues were up 7.3% to €387.1 million, while adjusted EBITDA was up 5.3% to €216.1 million.
Ziggo said it was well positioned to grow its market share, revenue and EBITDA further this year.

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