KIT Digital launches integrated multiscreen solution with IBM Smarter Commerce

Kit Digital has launched a mobile e-commerce video solution that makes it easier for consumers to purchase premium content and view it on multiple screens.

The new solution incorporates products from KIT Digital and IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative. According to Kit Digital, by combining these products, which support workflows, business rules and rights management, with frontend technology from KIT Digital, service providers can deliver video experiences to any device for an audience of tens of millions of consumers.

“Consumer expectations for video anytime, anywhere has reached record levels, and as a matter of survival, broadcasters and network operators must respond with engaging offers that meet their customers’ demands,” said Laura Kaatz, managing director of partnerships for KIT Digital. “Billions of dollars in revenue and market share are at stake, and so for the first time there is a real need for service providers and broadcasters to marry their business systems with IP-based video delivery. By joining forces with IBM we have been able to accomplish this quickly and cost effectively.”

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