Haivision launches internet media services portfolio

IP video technology company Haivision has launched a new internet media services portfolio, HyperStream.

HyperStream automates media distribution through cloud transcoding and CDN connectivity for delivering high quality, adaptive, live HD video over-the-top to internet viewers. Available as both a user-controlled software as a service and as a fully managed service, HyperStream brings together cloud-based transcoding on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, and connectivity to Akamai’s SOLA Media Solutions for global delivery, security, and analytics.

HyperStream provides an easy-to-use layer on top of cloud transcoding and video CDN services for our users,” said Peter Maag, Haivision’s chief marketing officer. “It not only simplifies and automates complex technical setups and processes, but also streamlines the associated business relationships. As a single point of contact for our clients, HyperStream combines live video encoding, cloud transcoding, and distribution into a unified, managed environment. We are adding HyperStream connectivity to our products to drive over-the-top media adoption throughout our user base.”



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