DG and Civolution launch second screen ad solution

Ad management and distribution platform DG has announced  that advertisers can trigger ads on second screen companion devices based on live TV content, using Civolution’s SyncNow media interaction technology. 

The dual-screen video ad platform allows apps running on second screens, such as smartphones and tablets, to automatically recognise the content being played on the ‘first’ screen, the TV, and synchronises with it, according to DG. Upon synchronisation, specific and relevant content can be triggered to the second screen.

“We’re thrilled to offer advertisers the ability to seamlessly engage consumers simultaneously across multiple screens and devices. This collaboration is a tangible example of convergence in action, marrying the best of online and TV advertising,” said Neil Nguyen, CEO of DG.

The platform uses DG’s asset tagging and metadata, Civolution’s Automatic Content Recognition (ACR), and mobile video ad serving from MediaMind, a division of DG. Commercials broadcast by DG are automatically recognised in real-time using Civolution’s SyncNow – Smart Services and tapping into its  television monitoring infrastructure.

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Tags: Civolution, DG, NAB

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