Curzon Cinemas launches VOD service on Samsung with Capablue

London cinema chain Curzon Cinemas is launching its own video-on-demand service on the Samsung Smart TV platform using technology provider Capablue’s Connected Plus solution.

The VOD platform will feature “In Cinemas, On Curzon”, a day-and-date service that will make specially selected films available to view simultaneously in the cinema, or in the home. This will enable audiences to watch the latest releases, curated by the Curzon chain.

“Our vision was to give our customers the freedom to watch movies and new trailers in the comfort of their own home simultaneously to cinema release. In order to achieve this we are using Capablue’s Connected Plus to power and manage the platform on which we could launch our ground-breaking Curzon on-demand Smart TV app,” said Philip Knatchbull CEO, Curzon, in a statement.

Capablue has worked with the chain to reflect the Curzon brand, and allow users to navigate and search titles in a number of ways including by recommendation, genre or region. Once a user has confirmed the purchase of a film it is stored in the ‘My Curzon’ section of the platform for seven days. Capablue’s Connected Plus integrates with Curzon’s current web account management and membership system, enabling members to pay on one device whilst they watch on another, according to Capablue. Payment on the TV is integrated with Curzon’s own payment solution, allowing users to have a secure way of purchasing films either as a subscription or pay-per-view service.

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