TV needs to adjust to “new world order”, MIPCube attendees told

New models of advertising and personalised delivery of content will be key to enabling TV to survive changes to revenue models and viewing patterns being driven by companies like Apple, according to Cindy Gallop, founder and CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNot Porn, speaking at the MIPCube event in Cannes.

“You cannot do new world order business from an old world order place,” Gallop told MIPCube attendees. While companies had good intentions, this was not in itself sufficient to meet the needs of a changing world, she said.

Gallop said that advertising models needed to change. “Branding is the advertising and marketing of the future,” she said. Gallop said there was still tremendous opportunity for TV, despite the challenges it faces. “Your future depends on thinking differently about your power,” she said.

Gallop said there was potential in developing a truly personalised delivery system. Advertising was moving to a model of reaching viewers through content that advertisers owned rather than simply advertising around content developed by others. Gallop said that the looming threat of Apple TV, combining hardware with content distribution, threatened to be a “game changer” both in hardware and content. However, fear and a tendency to be overly cautious meant that innovation was not encouraged or even welcomed by companies. “Companies need to flip their distribution strategies completely,” she said.

Over and above finding new ways to deliver audience measurement, media companies need to have access to real-time data about viewing patterns, she added., a video-based website designed to counter what Gallop described as “the pornification of society”, will launch in May.

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