Horse & Country TV hires for international expansion

British pay TV broadcaster Horse & Country TV is ramping up its international expansion and has hired two executive to lead the charge.

The company has hired former Hit Entertainment, BBC Worldwide and JimJam boss Wayne Dunsford as director of international distribution and has promoted former commercial director Richard Burdett to managing director. Both will report to Heather Killen, Horse & Country TV’s chairman and CEO.

Horse & Country TV is currently available via satellite pay TV service BSkyB and broadcasts sports events and news and documentaries about the equestrian world.

“Over the last three years we’ve built H&C into a media brand that really resonates with the two million people who ride each month in the UK. The opportunity now is to use this template to put H&C at the heart of the $50 billion (€38 million) global equestrian economy,” said Burdett.

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