Shazam for TV will help second screen engagement, says CEO

Shazam, the app service that is best known for enabling people to us their mobile phones to identify the music they are listening to, is targeting broadcasters.

The new Shazam for TV app works by getting users to hold their mobile phones up to the TV screen when a relevant TV show or advert is being broadcast in order receive more information about it.

Speaking at the IP&TV World Forum this morning, Shazam’s CEO Andrew Fisher, said the company could help broadcasters to take advantage of the second screen by encouraging deeper engagement with their shows and with their advertisers. “This year sees another major inflection point for consumer empowerment. Eyeballs are focusing on the second screen and for broadcasters, it’s bothersome,” he said.

He said the app could encourage users to find out more information about a brand, to purchase products, to share information about the brand on social networks or to take up promotional offers. “Broadcasters need to incentivise users to go deeper into the brands,” Fisher said. “Shazam is non disruptive. You don’t have to press the red button to interact with the show.”

The company has already begun working with US broadcasters and advertisers. Fisher said the app was proving popular with brands, including Proctor and Gamble and Pilsbury. Half of the adverts during last month’s Superbowl used the Shazam service.

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