Intel unveils next-generation of its multimedia chipset

IP&TV World Forum exhibitor Intel has unveiled a new chipset for next-generation set-top boxes and gateways, the Atom CE5300 media processor.

The company said that the chipset, codenamed Berryville, would allow devices including the new Amino Freedom Live media gateway to deliver content seamlessly to TVs, smartphones and tablets around the home.

The new platform is designed to deliver 3D graphics capabilities, improved search, downloadable apps and new services including gaming, home security and home automation.

The chipset is Intel’s fourth-generation SoC and its first 32nm part for the service provider market that features a dual Intel Atom core with support for hyperthreading and virtualisation, a 3D/2D graphics engine, integrated power management and an H.264 B-picture hardware encoder.

Despite winding down its retail digital TV business last year, the company said its new service provider division was continuing to target the smart TV market through solutions for service providers including Comcast, Free, Liberty Global/UPC, Bouygues Telecom, Numericable and Telecom Italia.

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