Entone Kamai 500 targets OTT market

Set-top provider Entone is using the IP&TV World Forum to launch its Kamai 500 series media player for EMEA markets. Designed as a hybrid TV client device, Kamai 500 offers features including Wi-Fi and adaptive bit-rate streaming. The device includes pre-802.11ac WiFi support for enabling whole-home wireless HD video distribution and with ABR streaming,

According to Entone, the box can combine both linear digital (DVB-T, DAB, T-DMB) and over-the-top services in a single, operator-branded UI, which bolsters the operator’s broadband value and increases revenue opportunity and customer satisfaction.

Entone founder and chief technology officer Mark Evensen said the device was targeted in particular at service providers that wanted to deliver their offerings outside their existing footprint, for example to expatriate populations in other countries. “Every pay TV operator with native-language content wants to provide that outside their own service coverage footprint,” he told the Show Daily. He said Entone was seeing a lot of interest from central and eastern European service providers targeting diaspora populations abroad.

The device includes features such as HDMI and optional digital audio outputs. Evensen said it included a high-end 1,400 MIPS processor for applications including Adobe Flash and Microsoft PlayReady DRM.

The hybrid version of the product will ship in the third quarter. The version on show at the IP&TV World Forum will be a WiFi-only model for streaming applications. “It adds a lot of value to the product if you can get local off-air services,” said Evensen.

Evensen said the device would be offered and branded via service providers. At the show, Entone will also show its hybrid IPTV Amulet DVR, used by Sunrise in Swizerland, and its Magi cable box.

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