PlayJam signs Vestel deal for connected TVs

TV gaming provider PlayJam has signed a deal with TV manufacturer Vestel that will see its platform offered on a range of connected TVs and set-top boxes.

PlayJam’s games channel will be accessible from the front page of Vestel’s user-interface and sit alongside VOD and music streaming services. Vestel produces around 15 million TV sets and 10 million set-top boxes each year.

PlayJam’s platform provides developers with a set of APIs to distribute content across connected TV platforms worldwide.

PlayJam’s marketing and communications director Anthony Johnson said, “Smart TV is widely regarded as the fastest growing games platform today with 1.5 billion such devices expected to be in circulation by the close of 2015. Our partnership with Vestel will significantly grow PlayJam’s already considerable footprint on these devices and secure a smooth route to market for the game developer community.”

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