Set-top growth in Russia set to falter this year

Demand for set-top boxes is likely to stagnate this year, according to research agency J’son & Partners, although revenue from sales of receivers should increase.

Last year, 2.5 million set-tops were sold in Russia, of which 1.6 million were for receiving DTH services, 600,000 were for IPTV and 300,000 were for cable services. In 2010, the total figure was 1.5 million set tops sold, but numbers are expected to remain around the 2.5 million mark this year. However, with operator subsidies for set-top boxes likely to decline this year, the cost of devices is expected to rise. According to J’son & Partners, sales will reach US$152 million (€165 million) this year, up slightly from US$151 million last year.

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