Philips brings smart TV to low-end models

TV manufacturer Philips is introducing smart TV capabilities to new entry-level and mid-range TVs. The 3000-series and 3500-sieres models will support smart TV features like YouTube and will also deliver WiFi connectivity via a USB dongle.

New 4000, 5000 and 5500-series models will also include smart TV and the ability to record to USB, with the 5500 also supporting 3D. The new models will be launched in Europe in the second quarter.

The Philips launches come after global smart TV leader Samsung highlighted its new products for 2012. The company’s ES8000 LED TV features a dual-core processor that allows viewers to surf the web while watching TV. Samsung also introduced its first 55-inche Super OLED TV, built on the OLED technology currently used in smartphones and tablets. The TV includes a built-in camera and microphone for motion control, voice control and face recognition, and a fast dual-core processor for multitasking.

Tags: Philips, Samsung

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