TF1 revenues remain stable

TF1 said it expects revenues will remain flat this year, despite economic uncertainties. The Bouygues-owned French broadcaster posted revenues of €2.6 billion for 2011, the same amount as a year earlier.

Revenue from the Broadcasting France division totalled €2.1 billion, up 1.2% due to strong performances from TF1 Entreprises, e-TF1 and the Production business.

Revenue from its Eurosport International channels business was up 1% to €367.9 million, with declining ad revenues more than offset by higher subscription revenues.

Advertising revenue for the TF1 group as a whole was up 1.6% at €1.8 million, due in part to growth in video advertising on the internet.

“The economic climate remains stable unstable in 2012, and the resulting uncertainties are generating substantial volatility in decision-making by advertisers,” TF1 noted.

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