P&T Luxembourg signs up with Alcatel-Lucent for new fibre net

Luxembourg telco P&T Luxembourg is to build a new high-speed fibre broadband network based on PON and active point-to-point technology from Alcatel-Lucent.

The telecom technology giant will supply a platform based on its 7360 Intelligent Services Access Manager FX.

Serge Eiffes, head of the fixed access network department at P&T Luxembourg said: “Today, Luxembourg has an important role in the European and international financial and business system. By introducing ultra-fast broadband access, we are helping to ensure that Luxembourg maintains and strengthens its position as a global center for economic activity and realising the governments National Ultra High Broadband Strategy. Alcatel-Lucent, with whom we have long collaborated around high-speed DSL, helped us to get fibre at the right pace for our business. We worked in close collaboration to assess the local market conditions, identify best practices and choose the right technology with a seamless mix of existing copper and fibre infrastructure for maximum efficiency.”

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