Go selects Agama for IPTV quality assurance

Maltese telco Go has selected Agama’s digital monitoring solution for its IPTV platform. The solution will be used to ensure the delivery of high-quality video services to all GO Interactive TV customers.

Agama is providing a tailored video quality assurance solution reaching from the headend via the Agama Analyzer to each individual subscriber via the Agama Embedded Monitoring Solution.

“As the leading quad-play telecommunications and entertainment company in Malta, we place great emphasis on the reliability of our services,” said Michael Mertsch, chief technical officer at Go. “Go Interactive TV was launched last year and for such an innovative product, it is crucial to ensure that the customer has a positive experience which he or she will then promote to others. This is why we took great care in selecting the right partner when it comes to quality assurance, enabling us to monitor that our systems are flawlessly delivering HD TV service, and providing our customer service with the right tools to detect and fix problems efficiently.”

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