ER-Telecom to invest in infrastructure, mulls international growth

Russian telco ER-Telecom plans to invest over RUB6 billion (€150 million) in infrastructure this year, matching its investment in 2011, according to CEO Andrei Semerikov, interviewed by the Prime news agency.

ER-Telecom currently operates services in 42 cities, covering 35 million people, having added 15 cities last year. Semerikov said the operator did not plan to add new cities this year, but would focus on growing its subscriber base. The company aims to account for 20% of Russia’s broadband and pay TV market by revenue by 2014. Revenue for 2012 is expected to grow to RUB14 billion this year and RUB30 billion by 2013, with a net profit achieved in that year, said Semerikov.

While ER-Telecom does not plan to expand to further cities in Russia, Semerikov said it would consider international expansion either by buying an operator in another CIS or European country or by launching its services there.