BT preps FTTP-on-demand

BT is preparing to roll out an FTTP-on-demand service following the completion of trials.

The telco’s solution enables additional fibre to be run on -demand to a home or business in a fibre-to-the-cabinet-enabled area, providing the customer with fast Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) broadband. The solution takes advantage of fibre that has already been deployed between the exchange and the street cabinet. BT said it had successfully trialed the service in an area of Cornwall. The telco said FTTP, which will soon offer speeds of up to 300Mbps, could be made available anywhere in BT’s fibre footprint where a customer requires it. BT will conduct further trials of FTTP-on-demand this summer with a view to making the service commercially available to by spring 2013.

BT also said it would introduce a new faster variant of FTTC broadband this spring. The service will deliver speeds that are approximately double those on offer today, meaning downstream speeds will be up to 80Mbps rather than up to 40Mbps.

Openreach chief executive Olivia Garfield said: “FTTP on demand is a significant development for Broadband Britain. Essentially, it could make our fastest speeds available wherever we deploy fibre. This will be welcome news for small businesses who may wish to benefit from the competitive advantage that such speeds provide.”

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