Dailymotion launches discussion forums

Online video site Dailymotion has launched a discussion forum platform to provide a more interactive experience to users.

The discussion forums are arranged according to theme. Users can post videos or link to other topics, or start new conversations.

According to Dailymotion, the forums will bring particular benefits to MotionMakers – creative Dailymotion users such as actors, musicians and editors, who are supported to develop and promote content. Dedicated MotionMakers’ forums will provide opportunities to collaborate, get feedback from experts, and share opportunities such as film competitions. Content partners including broadcasters and production houses, will also have their own forums.

“Forums provide a place for creative content developers to improve each other’s work, identify collaborators and share their videos. New features like this are part of Dailymotion’s drive to support the development of, and interest in, original content for the web,” said Daniel Adams, vice-president of international content at Dailymotion.

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