Bridge Technologies completes DVB-T/T2 monitoring solution

Monitoring and measurement specialist Bridge Technologies has launched a new VB252 RF interface, an RF monitoring and analysis solution for DVB-T/T2 broadcasters.

The VB252 RF includes ETR290 analysis via the VB120 and VB220 probes and support for DVB-T, DVB-T2, and DVB-T2 MI protocols.

Where satellite distribution to transmission sites is combined with IP distribution, DVB-T and DVB-T2 monitoring can be coupled with satellite monitoring in the same chassis using a VB270 module, Bridge Technologies said. ASI monitoring can be combined with DVB-T/T2 monitoring by adding a VB242 module to the chassis.

The company said a VB220/VB252 combination is the industry’s first monitoring tool to offer full support for DVB-T2 MI protocol with full analysis.

“DVB-T2 is in its early stages but offers big advantages to broadcasters,” said Simen Frostad, chairman of Bridge Technologies. “A lot of DVB-T2 networks are currently in development, and until now, there has been no high-quality, purpose-designed monitoring solution for them. The VB252 fills this gap with a combination of capabilities that is unmatched in the market, and offers exceptional value. Crucial for today’s industry environment, the VB252’s versatility means that it can be used to reduce infrastructure complexity and costs.”