Motorola sees fourth quarter decline in set-top shipments

Motorola Mobility shipped 6% more set-tops in 2011 than the previous year.

Announcing fourth quarter and full-year results, the company said it saw a decline in set-top shipments during the fourth quarter, with figures down 3% year-on-year.

Motorola’s set-top business falls within its Home segment, which reported fourth quarter revenues down 11% to US$897 million (€684 million). Full year revenues were down slightly to US$3.5 billion from US$3.6 billion.

Motorola Mobility’s full year revenues for its entire business, which includes mobile devices, were up 14% to US$13.1 billion.

Motorola Mobility is in the process of being acquired by Google. It said it expects the deal to close in early 2012.

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